After last year’s initial event, we were really excited to hear what Utopia Festival had planned for this year. Unfortunately, the news below is not good news at all, but all is not lost with Utopia Festival. We’ll see them again in 2015… Here’s why:

It is with deep regret that we have to announce that UTOPIA FESTIVAL 2014 will not be taking place this year.

Unfortunately due to a combination of venue and sponsor related issues, which have been completely out of the owners control, the festival owners have chosen to place the festival on hold for 2014.

This difficult decision arose out of a thought that they (the ownersand affiliated partners) would not be comfortable to go through with a festival that would be below the high standard that was set in year one.

Rest assured the festival owners and affiliated partners are working closely to ensure that the 2015 edition of the festival will go forwards without any hassles and the same high standard of production will be kept – if not bettered.

The owners appreciate all the support they have received from fellow fans, djs, bands, stall owners and production teams. This is not the end; just a speed bump in a 5 year plan to build another great music festival in Cape Town.

Webtickets will refund all money directly to those who have purchased tickets. Please contact info@webtickets.co.za with regards getting your refund.

As you can imagine this was not an easy decision for anyone involved and we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. We look forward to welcoming all Utopians again in 2015.

— Ticket Refund Details —

Contact: Alison – Webtickets
Email: info@webtickets.co.za
Refund Info: Credit card payments will be refunded immediately, all other payment forms please email info@webtickets.co.za regards your refund.

— Enquiries —

Event: alex@utopiafestsa.com | lee@utopiafestsa.com
Refunds: info@webtickets.co.za
Artist: submissions@utopiafestsa.com
Press / Media: contact@hypemedia.co.za | samantha@hypemedia.co.za

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