Urban House is a hotel for hipsters

urban house hipster hotel

Just when you thought that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, people in the super advanced city of Copenhagen have decided to create a hotel/hostel called Urban House aimed primarily at accommodating hipsters. Urban House is described by its creators as:

“A unique hotel with 950 beds that will change the perception of how people travel and get to know Vestebro, the hippest part of Copenhagen. We are a happy Urban Family who likes to share and are fond of Vesterbro, tattoos, style, beer, food, skateboards.”

Urban House was created out of the love for Vesterbro, the lifestyle and the people who inhabit it. Beer, good food & company are the basics. It’s set to open in March 2015 and the promo video for the hotel features so much hipster-related cringeworthy moments right from its outset with a girl on a fixie-bicycle throwing some strange white girl gang sign. I can think of at least ten people I know who’d feel right at home at Urban House once it opens next year


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