Update: Land Grabbers in Sea Point

I got an email from one of our readers regarding the article “Land Grabbers in Sea Point” with the correct information. We all got our knickers in a knot a little too quickly without finding out the correct information. What actually happened was that it was a film shoot(still trying to find out which company was behind it), he said that there were apparently trucks, crew, trailers and lighting all set up in the background behind the shacks, which was out of view of any of the pictures we were viewing. He said by the look of the way it was set up it was clearly a film shoot and by the sound of things a disorganized one at that. A few pictures and a misleading heading can cause quite a stir and I’m very glad that one of our readers had seen all of this and came and cleared it up with us.

(Thanks Tony)

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  1. Yeah think we all just needed to get confirmation on what we kind of already knew! But, you never know these days, anything could happen!! Just glad someone came and let us know! 🙂

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