Upcoming box office hits for 2016

Ghost busters

Film fans and production companies were celebrating a record breaking year at the movies in 2015. Hits such as Star Wars and Jurassic World helped boost ticket sales, with both individually raising around $1billion each. CFD trading company IG outlined this as being one of the biggest battles of 2015 beforehand, and as we all know now Star Wars pipped Jurassic World to the post, here in South Africa & the rest of the world wide. So could 2016 be another record breaking year? Grab some popcorn as we round up the possible box office hits for the year ahead.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Superhero films are always likely to be a box office hit. So imagine two in one film, and two of the biggest in the form of Superman and Batman.

This film is centred around Batman (Ben Affleck) taking on the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) amid fears that his actions are going unchecked, before they have to unite against Lex Luthor.


The ghost fighting franchise returns this year, but this time with an all-female cast. Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig star in a reboot of the supernatural comedy.

Released in July 2016, 30 years after the original, be prepared for cameos from original cast members such as Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in this super-natural comedy.


We’ve had Ali, Bruno and Borat, and now Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comic creation is Grimsby. The film focuses on Nobby, a football hooligan from the North who tracks down his long lost brother, played by Mark Strong, who just so happens to be an MI6 agent. The brothers are forced to team up to save the world from danger.

London Has Fallen

Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman star in the sequel to the hugely successful Olympus has Fallen. Set in London at the British Prime Minister’s funeral, the all action thriller follows secret agent Mike Banning as he discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

Watch out as several London landmarks are destroyed in the process.

Finding Dory

Film buffs will remember animated Pixar hit, Finding Nemo. Released in 2003, the story of clownfish Marlin as he tries to find his kidnapped son Nemo won critical acclaim.

Now the film returns with the focus on Nemo’s somewhat dopey but kind-hearted friend Dory, again voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Coming out in June, Albert Brooks also returns as Marlin to help Dory tries to find her family.

The box office benefited from nostalgia in 2015, with many big franchises returning to the silver screen, buoyed by the loyal followings of Star Wars and Jurassic World. Ghostbusters and Finding Dory may provide some success on this basis, but Batman v Superman surely packs the biggest punch and has to be the most hotly anticipated. It boasts two of the most followed superheroes as well as big screen appearances for Wonder Woman.

It may struggle to hit above the $2billion mark of Star Wars at the box office, but Batman is itself a billion-dollar brand, so tickets should fly when these two superheroes go head-to-head.

Which do you think will be the biggest film of 2016?

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