Up the Creek Music Festival

Its time for the relatively chilled Breede River to get taken over by a host of festivals goers attending the 2011 Up the Creek Music Festival. Yup this year if you’re a festival lover, you’ll be treated to 3 stages, more than 30 live music and comedy acts, 2000 festival goers and of course one MASSIVE Breede River.

The 2011 Up the Creek line up includes: Boo!, aKing, Jack Parow, Flash Republic, Karen Zoid, Elvis Blue, Dan Patlansky, Piet Botha, Dirty Skirts; No One’s Arc, The Rudamentals, Hot Water, Bed on Bricks, Blues Broers, Dave Ferguson, Akkedis, Fox Comet, Captain Stu, Black Cat Bones and Southern Gypsey Queens with Albert Frost. Shoo- what a selection!

Apart from the really awesome line-up this festival also includes food vendors, bars and stalls offering plenty of goodies that’ll make sure you survive the blazing Southern Sun. as part of the fun this year also sees a return of the Anything that Floats Competition, which as the name suggests, involves contestants chilling in rather creative floaty devices like Lobster lilos, Indian canoes and floating bars to stand a chance to win incredible prizes in the best design, most luxurious and most floatable contraption categories (obviously they’re very serious, with category names like that).

Only 2 000 tickets are available for the event so its probably a good idea to check out the website over HERE for ticket details.

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  1. wowee. tis a lil pricey, and then to still drive to swellendam..? well, I guess rock festivals dont happen as often as real festivals 😛

  2. Very true dude. It is a large amount of money and a far drive. For that price you would expect a bigger line up or better should I say, but then again, I am no rock lover. So I wouldnt know… hehe

  3. well, I dont think most of us need an excuse to fuck off for the weekend and get totally wankered next to, and in a river somewhere out in the sticks now do we 😀 music taste aside, Ive only ever heard good things about up the creek. now, for a raise….

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