Up Close & Personal with British House-Music Legend, Charles Webster.

In less than two weeks to go The Grande Parade – Electronic Edition (a brand new event on the scene – a celebration of colour, music and amazing food) takes place at Carfax Johannesburg – with sensational international house DJ and headliner – Charles Webster. We were lucky enough to catch up with Webster ahead of his gig in “The City of Gold” next weekend and chatted his love for SA music, who his favourite local artists are to playing Carfax for the first time in 12 years! Read on for juicy details and book your ticket to see him live next weekend right here.

MCBN: It seems as if over the past couple of years you’ve been in South Africa a lot, but this time, you’re playing a gig at the end of the month for a beautiful JHB crowd. What can fans attending The Grande Parade expect from your set next weekend?

CW: The best deep-house music ever!

MCBN: As mentioned before, you’ve been down here quite often – have you ever considered a move down to SA?

CW: I would if the immigration laws weren’t so prohibitive and difficult – I’ve lived in a few countries but South Africa is difficult for foreigners to emigrate to – one day maybe!

MCBN: What’s your favourite part of our beautiful country?

CW: I like lots of parts of the country and many countries are beautiful. I think my favourite part is the people of South Africa.

MCBN: You’ve played shows in various parts of SA – what favourite memories do you have?

CW: A lot of time, over the years that I’ve played in SA – many many memories, people and places, nearly always having a really good time – the township gigs are always my favourites.

MCBN: Talk us through a day in the life of Charles Webster?

CW: At the moment it just work, finishing my new album – I am %90 finished now and it will all be done within the next 6 weeks, so at the moment my life is very one dimensional – music music music!

MCBN: One of our favourite remixes you’ve ever done, is the class remix of Justin Martin’s ‘Sad Piano’. What remix stands out for you? Which artist remix gives you goosebumps when you put it in the player to this day?

CW: That’s a tricky question! I have done so many remixes, more than 500 now I think and the favourites always change depending on (my) mood. I do particularly enjoy my mix of Pirahnahead ft. Diviniti – “Just like a Dream”, I really enjoy the structure and the sound of that mix at the moment.

MCBN: You’ve worked with and played alongside a host of South African artists and producers. Who have you kept your eye on and would like to collaborate in the near future?

CW: Yes… I’ve played alongside loads of great SA DJ’s over the years, (you) probably (know) most of them by now. I think Luka is the most interesting producer here at the moment – very different and individual sounds and really uncompromising ideals. I have worked with a few SA artists on my upcoming album as well – Sio, Thandi Draai and Sipho Hotstix Mabuse – all fabulous artists!

MCBN: With The Grande Parade in the heart of Jozi and a solid lineup to compliment your style – are you going to be keeping the vibe strictly house-music or will you throw in a few local Afro flavours?

CW: Come to the gig and see for yourself! I play very much according to the atmosphere on the day -I never pre-plan a set, the selection has to be in the moment with “the crow”.

MCBN: You’ve got an incredible career behind your name, what unforgettable moments have stuck out for you as an artist.

CW: Most of the great memories are based on meeting great people, its the real pleasure and honour of being a musician, meeting lovely people all over the world.

MCBN: Tell us your all-time three top favourite tracks?

CW1 – Romanthony – “Hold on”


MCBN: If you could work with any artists in today’s industry, who would it be and why?

CW: There are loads of singers and musicians I would love to “work” with but I don’t really have any great urge to work with people I don’t actually know. I feel it is so important to work with like-minded people as the relationship can be so intense and personal when you are collaborating on music. My favourite instrument is the female voice and there are so many great singers – Ane Brun and Rickie Lee Jones being two of my favourite voices.

MCBN: Keeping your finger on the pulse locally (we all know how talented the melting pot of artists are down this side) who would you say we have to keep our eyes on from a production point of view?

CW: There will be lot’s coming out of Cate Town soon. I am doing some mentoring and teaching of young people there at the moment so many good young men and women there so stay tuned!

MCBN: Thanks for chatting with us, we extremely excited to see you at The Grande Parade next weekend, it’s been way too long! Any last words to your South African fans before the show?

CW: Looking forward to it very much – I haven’t played at Carfax for 12 years! Come down and enjoy yourselves and look out for my new release on Jullian Gomes’ new label – the track is called ‘Show Me the Sun’ and it features Diviniti on vocal with mixes from Jullian and myself!

Be sure to check our all Webster’s latest works and releases above. Don’t miss this electronic maestro live next weekend in Johannesburg for the first Grande Parade – Electronic Edition. For more information, join the event or simply get to it and book your ticket right here. 


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