Up close and personal with December Streets.

Pretoria based sensation December Streets have just released a new EP titled Wild Heart and their latest smash hit has got just about everyone swooning – It’s catchy, relatable and fresh new take on their original sound which definitely got our attention. We were lucky enough to steal some time away from the band and catch up with them. Without further ado, here’s what went down…

MCBN: This is your first interview with MCBN since the band’s conception in 2009. Take us back in time for a moment, how was the band The December Streets (back then) realised, how did you all come together back in Pretoria?

STR: I’d been dreaming of making the band a reality since 14, but it only actualized when I arrived at Uni (Tuks) where I met my band brothers. I was exposed to music on a whole new level and luckily met a couple of champs who had a similar dream and passion, forming The December Streets. It always puts a massive grin on my face thinking back to the early days.

MCBN:  I’m sure between all band members there is a vast list of musical inspirations behind each one of you but tell us more about your current and early collective musical influences, who and/or what really galvanized your sound as a band and still does today?

STR: Haha yeah the list goes on and continually changes. We look to so many magnificent artists for inspiration on a continual basis. It gives new and fresh perspective, helping us to continually develop our own sound and keep it fresh and interesting. If we go as far back to an ‘8-year-old Tris’ you could probably say I helped turn the Backstreet boys Millennial album platinum. Then to high school punk phases of Blink 182 and the likes, to Uni where we met on a mutual love for reggae and indie music with influences such as The Kooks & Arctic Monkeys. Those influences shaped our care-free, feel-good party sound as an early emerging band. Looking forward to today we draw from more refined and wider sounds. Some include Glass Animals, Quinn XCII and the sorts.

MCBN: Your latest EP Wild Heart is the quite the evolution from your earlier sound – tell us a bit more about your direction for this EP, was there a concerted effort to put a fresh spin on your sound or did it develop organically while working on it together?

STR: Yeah it’s an undoubtable evolution from our care-free party music to something we feel is more sincere and better articulated I believe. We’ve all grown as individuals, our music tastes and thoughts growing alongside. Wild Heart is the perfect culmination of our growth as musicians and a band over the past couple of years. It also represents what we have experienced as we’re growing up.

MCBN: Your captivating and contagious track Magic’ has been making waves – it’s truly an infectious song that I think all of us can relate to on some level – we have to ask though, was it written from anyone’s direct personal experience in the band?

STR: Yeah it was written from a place of relief after coming back from a rather tough break-up I went through. When Dane and I wrote it we were tapping into the post-anger, slightly revengeful emotion one feels after a breakup, realizing even though you’ve been broken, you’ve better off without the other.

MCBN: Dane Steinhobel makes his lead vocal debut on this track; tell us how your collaboration with him on this song transpired and can we expect any more collaboration with him in the future?

STR: Dane joined the band about a year ago, we’ve always been friends and co-writers musically and it evolved to a point where it made sense in every aspect for him to become part of the band. Haha, I mean at a point we were writing December Streets tracks together before he was in the band. So it evolved rather naturally. He is an insanely talented singer and writer (as you can hear on MAGIC). Going forward you will definitely be hearing Dane become a more prominent feature of December Streets.

MCBN: We’ve heard that a music video for ‘Magic’ is currently in the works, any sneak peeks on the concept and location?

STR: I don’t want to give too much away, but it involves a beautiful friend of mine (Nicole Woke) going through the range of post break-up emotions, a massive studio, super slow motion a ton of colour and explosions… I suppose that gives it all away haha. It looks INSANE though.

MCBN: Lastly but certainly most fundescribe the band in 3 words.

STR: Spicy Steak Sandwich

MCBN: And describe your new track Magic’ in 3 words.

STR: Download it now

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