Unusual Wake Sees Deceased Teen Playing Video Games Alongside Some Doritos and Soda.


Two weeks ago, 18-year old Renard Matthews was tragically shot and killed in New Orleans. His family decided to honour their shy son they way he chose to live. Matthews was an avid gamer and loved the Boston Celtics. The teen was known to be more of a quite ‘homebody’ and had only recently started venturing out for walks with his new dog.

His mother mother chose to memorialize Matthew and his hobbies in a truly unconventional manner by displaying the teen as he lived: playing video games and surrounded by snacks. Instead of placing his body in a traditional casket surrounded by flowers, his family chose to ’embody’ Matthew as he was.

The wake took place at Carbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home who’ve been known to host unconventional wakes known as ‘extreme embalming’ and have included posing a beloved mother with beer and a cigarette in hand, and placing the body of a taxi driver in his beloved cab once more.


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