Until Tomorrow – The Movie

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It’s Friday, no need to work, so make sure you set aside 45 minutes and enjoy this bit of video awesome!

5 pro riders, 3 disciplines : bmx, skateboarding and snowboarding, 1 dream destination : California, 1 new concept : Couchriding. From March 10th to April 4th, Matthias Dandois (BMX), Maxime Charveron (BMX), Sam Partaix (Skateboard), Anne-Flore Marxer (Snowboard) and Rémy Taveira (Skateboard) will cut a swath through the West Coast of the US following hot tips and challenges posted on the Internet by their community of fans.
To join the trip, there is only one condition: Stay connected!

Until Tomorrow – The Movie (English version) from Ride Sessions on Vimeo.

Until Tomorrow – The Movie

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