Untamed Youth: Pump Up Kicks

Once again its time for Untamed Youth, the usual Tuesday night debauchery but tomorrow night, Feiyue shoes have got involed and will be giving away two pairs of sick shoes on the night. Check out this awsome flyer design:


How awesome is that flyer. Haasbroek has outdone himself once again!

The DJ’s on the night will be:


Untamed Youth have 2 pairs of killer kicks to give away this week, thanks to the team at Feiyue… They will go to whoever looks like they need them the most!

Fiction Tuesday are always the raddest night’s to go partying and tomorrow looks like it has a pretty awesome line up of DJ’s. I would also dig a pair of Feiyue shoes, might just have to go along and try get me a pair! I definitely think I need to try and get myself a pair infact… So I guess I will be seeing you all at Fiction 🙂


This is the last flyer Haasbroek did for Untamed Youth, they getting cleverer and more creative as the week’s go by. To check out more of his stuff, click the link below and go to his FB fanpage:


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