University Student Downs An Entire Bottle Of Vodka As A Dare

University Student Downs An Entire Bottle Of Vodka As A Dare


University students… known around the world for their unbelievable level of maturity and focus – who are we kidding here, generally 90% of the silly crap people do is when they’ve left school and are doing some sort of study. The guy in this particular video edition of university students behaving badly is going to be forever immortalised on the web as the guy who downed a whole bottle of vodka for a $5 bet at a house party at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Here’s what he had to say about the video he uploaded:

I took a bet with a friend that I could chug a full bottle of Ciroc for 5 bucks and there was no way I was backing down.

I immediately began chugging water to flush my system and later that night it came down to it and I successfully chugged the bottle in one drink and made my 5 bucks. I didn’t throw up or black out.

Would I do it again? Of course cause I had a blast that night!

What a savage… I hope he knows that he’s going to need his liver later in life – it doesn’t get any easier. Check him out in action below (he almost looks like he’s not going to make it half way through but then just pushes through):

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