New doc ‘Unfit: The psychology of Donald Trump’ explores the president’s mental instability


The official trailer for the much-anticipated documentary Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump was recently released. The film is the extension of the anti-Trump campaign #Unfit, which saw a host of mental health professionals come together to warn of the president’s cognitive instabilities.

The trailer was unveiled on Thursday in advance of the documentary’s debut on Sept. 1 on streaming and VOD platforms and is being touted as “an eye-opening analysis of the behaviour, psyche, condition, and stability of President Donald J. Trump. It takes a sociological look at the electorate that chose him, and the collective effect he’s having on our culture and institutions.

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Is Donald Trump “fit” for office? How can we tell, and how sure can we be? What determines a person’s fitness to serve as President? Who decides? During the 2016 campaign, those most qualified to judge such things – mental health experts – felt largely policy-bound from speaking publicly.

Now, after years of empirical observation – for the first time ever, prominent mental health professionals are presenting their observations on camera, and for the record, as part of their ethical “Duty to Warn” the public of the imminent danger.”

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Unfit brings together internationally renowned mental health professionals, military experts and even Republican strategists and former Trump advisors, who want to warn the public of the perilous moment they see developing in the United States and around the world.

Watch the trailer below and get more insight into the entire #Unfit campaign, right here.

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