Undress a 21 year old supermodel with the New Wonderbra app

Pervy men and lesbians unite… Wonderbra has finally built an app that caters for all our… I mean, YOUR needs. Now with their very first app, called the Wonderbra Decoder, you’re able to undress the stunning 21-year-old model mooiness Adriana Cernanova – the latest face of the brand.

Apparently its to see how the underwear would look under normal clothes. Yeah right.

Martina Alexander, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra UK had this to say:

‘Wonderbra offers a bra for all occasions and we want to highlight this in a fun and original way.

‘Our new App for fashion-conscious girls, reveals the recommended Wonderbra for different looks to help her enhance any outfit.’

The Wonderbra Decoder App is available now free from the App Store and Google Play and after downloading you can undress Adriana yourself by holding your phone to the screen. Here’s a video explaining how it all works- although to be honest I wasn’t really listening to what she was saying.

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