Undertaker and Brock Lesnar to get it on?

After Brock Lesnar got his ass handed to him in the last edition of UFC against the likes of Cane Velasquez- the legendary WWE wrestler The Undertaker had a few words to say about the fight and the apparent shock that Brock had actually lost the fight in an interview for a US MMA tv show.

During the interview Brock Lesnar happened to walk past The Undertaker and gave him a dirty look… This clearly angered The Deadman, causing him to step over to Brock to ask him: “Do you wanna do it??!”…

Here is the video


I, along with the likes of the rest of the MCBN crew and Pascal (from Pascal and Pearce) have grown up watching WWF (now WWE), still occasionally invite beego around to check out the latest hell in a cell match with The Undertaker. Haha- I wish he had just Tombstoned Brock on the freaking spot!! A Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match up on the horizon, in the CAGE??? Paski, Kreg and I sure hope so 🙂

REST IN PEACE!!!! Hahahahahahahahaahaha….

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    1. Did you check that staredown though??!!! The Taker cares nothing! Especially about Brock!

  1. jb: We’ll be sure to keep you involved… imagine the amount of money that would be involved in that… UFC meets WWE… Danna White and Vince MacMan would be laughing all the way to the bank.

    But seriously, the Taker 10 years ago would have annihilated Brock in the cage!

  2. Joh, Taker 10 years ago, would have broken Brock’s neck in a real fight, dont think iv ever seen a “tombstone” in UFC!

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