Underground Dinner at Turbine Hall in Jozi


The Underground Dinner at Turbine Hall in Jozi on the 21st of August offers up the opportunity to take part in a foodie celebration with a bit of a twist, in the form of a theme. The dinner takes place in the simply epic Turbine Hall in downtown Jozi and will offer up a truly spectacular experience (trust me, every time I’ve been there for an event I’ve been mystified).

It’s the final Underground Dinner at Turbine Hall for 2015 with only 400 seats available and the theme is Phantom of the Opera.

You can email underground@theforum.co.za to book as there are no tickets available on the night, only pre-booked tables!

For R595 per person you’ll get a wine paired dinner – 3-course meal. each perfectly paired with delicious wine. Vegetarian options available – on request
Entertainment included – in the style of the Phantom of the Opera

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