Unbelievable Beckham [Video]


This short clip of David Beckham messing around during a Pepsi advert immediately reminded me of this video and I knew I had to post this. First of all, it’s on sand. Second of all, it’s about 40 metre gap between Beckham and the object he is trying to kick the ball into.

Watch this video and see how David Beckham still has the skill. Infact, I never think he lost it. What a legend.


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  1. I have to agree with Someone there. Kaaaaak. That ball looked like it was a meteorite as it came back into shot.

  2. Kreg please tell me you dont believe this… for the love of god man! 😀

    Viral created… Pepsi awareness received… Job done 😉

    Still think the oke rocks though! He must come to Liverpool now! HAHAHA!

    1. Don’t blaspheme like that Stacky… This is Beckham- he’s capable of anything… walking on air even… he just hasnt been bothered to do that yet. Old Trafford’s golden son… England’s best no 7 🙂

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