UK Street Artist Banksy is Raffling Off One Of His Iconic ‘Dismaland’ Pieces For Refugees


Like most Banksy artworks, his provocative and eerie amusement park, titled ‘Dismaland‘ confronted a variety of socio-political issues when it opened in 2015. With its stark installations, Bansky targeted gender issues, distrust of police, growing inequality, refugee displacement and immigration. Three years later and Banksy is now raffling off one of Dismaland’s artworks to raise money for displaced people. The elusive artist laid out the terms of the raffle in an IG post.

I’m raffling one of the boats from Dismaland in support of refugee support services. You can win it for £2 if you correctly guess how much it weighs.” – Banksy. Instagram

At only R35 to enter, (his last two works recently sold for £1.04 million and £561,000) the raffle is sure to draw a large amount of interest and entries.

The raffle is also steeped in political commentary – the artwork itself depicts a small boat packed tightly with refugees, pointing to a more darker meaning for the title of the post “How heavy it weighs.”

For anyone interested, the dimensions and materials of the piece can be found on the website where the raffle is being held on – ‘Choose Love‘ is a store where shoppers can buy practical items for refugees in need like tents, nappies, and sleeping bags. Read his post below and check out Banksy’s dystopian ‘Dismaland’ trailer below.

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