Ugly God Has Just Dropped A Diss Track… About HIMSELF

Ugly God Has Just Dropped A Diss Track... About HIMSELF

I happened to stumble across the workings of a rapper by the name of Ugly God while going down a auto-suggested playlist on Youtube and admittedly actually quite enjoyed his stuff, because of how ridiculous it was (he literally made a song about water with the whackest music video to accompany it). The guy is so freaking next gen that instead of starting some beef with another rival rapper, he decided to lay down a diss track… about himself.

The song is called “F**k Ugly God” and is set to be released as part of his first mixtape release titled “The Booty Tape” – which also feature Lil Yachty, XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God. I mean what a guy, that is some real futuristic type ish over there. Check out some of the latest work from the rapper who used to be called “Pussy Bacon” until his parents found out and made him change his rap name –

What a character…

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