UFC2 looks like it’s going to be game of the year!

UFC2 looks like it's going to be game of the year!


UFC and MMA have really gained huge popularity around the World over the past couple of years, with people idolising fighters like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. EA Sports are looking to capitalise on this World-wide popularity with the release of UFC2, which already looks like it’s going to be game of the year!

The game is focused on being as close to real life as possible and includes a number of moves that you’d see thrown out in the hexagon, but centers around the knockouts that you see end the fight after just a couple of seconds.

Those graphics look absolutely insane. It seems as if you’re going to need to spend quite a bit of time getting to grips with the controls and various combos, but it does seem like once you’ve mastered it, the game is going to give you hours and hours of MMA entertainment.

This one is definitely on our “to buy” list.

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