UCT RAG SAX Appeal 2011 – MyCityByNight makes a debut

Its almost SAX APPEAL time of year again- You know… that morning where the fine young students of The University of Cape Town dress up (I use this term loosely because most of them are half-naked) in support of the “Remember and Give” organisation, better known as UCT RAG.  Every year this student-run development agency serves as the fundraising arm of SHAWCO (Student Health and Welfare Centres’ Organisation) which is the largest student based volunteer organization in the Southern Hemisphere. Traditionally, each year 100 UCT RAG committee members are involved in various projects in an attempt to raise over R1 million for SHAWCO; this year their target is to raise R1.5 million.

One such method is the SAX Appeal Magazine, which raises in excess of R600 000 for SHAWCO. SAX Appeal is an entirely student-produced magazine that started way back in 1933 and has caused excitement and anticipation across Cape Town ever since. SAX Appeal is a tradition that is held dear to the hearts of generations of Capetonians (myself included).

SAX Appeal 2011 has Ehrard Vermaak, a 4th year UCT student, completing an honours degree in media theory and practice at its helm as Editor- creating a magazine filled with intrigue and wonder as the theme of fantasy versus reality was introduced. This year’s edition discusses the antics of students during infamous ‘all-­‐nighters’, the impending Easternisation of the world, Julius Malema as a possible Messiah, revealed spelling tests from South African leaders, life tips from the world’s best dictators, a conclusion as to the future purpose of our brand-­‐ spanking new stadiums and many more to tickle one’s fancy, or any other piece of the anatomy.

The students who sell the magazines at traffic lights will be dressing up in this year’s theme-SAX FANTASY (aah crap). If that wasnt enough to make you want to buy the magazine for a measly R20 they added the likes of MyCityByNight’s not so white knight (yours truely) to the line-up of contributors that includeJames Clarke, Seth Rotherham, Gareth Cliff, Mark Sampson, Zapiro, Nik Robinowitz, Ben Trovato and Prof Pat Benatar (UCT philosophy professor).


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