Uber has created over 2000 jobs since launching in South Africa


Uber, the innovative app that connects riders with drivers, has enabled the economic empowerment of drivers, passenger safety and service of transport, transforming the way users think about their transportation options in South Africa. Uber has already created over 2,000 jobs across the country since launching in late 2013.

Uber’s lead generation software facilitates a powerful entrepreneurship opportunity. Every month, Uber empowers hundreds of entrepreneurs to become small business owners in South Africa. This contributes significantly to the 50,000+ global entrepreneurs who are empowered monthly on the Uber platform.

Feedback from partner-drivers in South Africa is that they love working on the Uber system because it empowers them to become their own boss, to make more money and to grow their business quickly.

Piko Mzamo, an uberX partner driver in Cape Town, says: “Since I’ve worked on the Uber system, it has been a great opportunity for everyone – drivers and riders. There’s been job creation and additional business opportunities for drivers, and it is safe and reliable for customers. It is also cashless which is safe for the drivers. It is good for the City of Cape Town because customers and drivers feel safe using Uber.”

Siyabonga Nxumalo, a former lifeguard and now an UberBlack driver in Durban, says: “I tried to start up my own business, but it didn’t work out and I was in debt. I joined Uber in December 2013 and have now paid off all my debt, and I can put food on the table. Uber gave me the chance to re-establish myself, it is a life changer. I am a businessman, so I want to get more cars and start to employ other drivers soon. I love the whole Uber experience, especially being able to get my passengers home safely. Uber is the future.”

Kevin Dube, a former dispatch operator from Johannesburg and now an UberBlack driver, says: “I love the Uber system. It does everything for you and is completely cashless, which makes it very easy to focus on providing first class service to my customers. The entrepreneurship part of Uber is really exciting for me. It has allowed me to grow very quickly. I joined Uber in May 2014 and already have two cars, which means I am also creating employment for others.”

Jonathan Harris, an uberX driver based in the Cape Town city centre, says: “I have been in the taxi industry for five years as a driver. Now that I am using Uber as a platform, I have an ongoing work flow. Uber has really changed how I work, it is amazing. I also love that 95% of my customers are local and not tourists. It just shows how much people love Uber here.”


Uber partner-drivers also have the opportunity to benefit from and leverage the various partnerships that Uber has developed.

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