U2 Winners

Wow what a close finish! Late charge by number 6!

Congrats to

Stacey and Michelle



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  1. I’m not even surprised!
    Really BOOBS win?
    No man boys! There were so many awesome picks that weren’t about flashing a breast! YOH!

  2. How utterly predictable and boring.
    Being slutty does not come close to being creative. And no, wearing golden pants with a handbag on your head and a weak poster is also not creative . Not even creatively slutty.

    Chicks being easy and guys thinking with their small brains…
    Nothing to see here folks… same old same old same old…
    Roll on Idiocracy…

    The guys voted for them, probably cause they felt guilty of seeing boobs for free – they felt the had to pay somehow…

  3. Wow michelle, a little bitter there? The competition was a popularity contest, and the most popular pic one. Obviously its going to be the boobs. It’s the internet after all. I’m just glad it was the boobs aimed at the actual competition. And not the grainy picture of the girls touching tongues. I say kudos to them for doing something they knew would win it for them… And I hope they wear their gold pants to U2!

  4. Congrats…I do like boobs! but would have preferred it i won…Good thing to show the results too. I might not make it to the concert but I am sure the fan walk should be a jol…a lonely beer and a radio tuned into KFM for the live broadcast…giving it horns.

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