OFFICIAL | U2 Coming To South Africa In Feb 2011…

We told you yesterday that they were coming! Well its been announced that they are! Enter our U2 Cape Town competition here —>


Jozi on the 13th Feb 2011 at FNB Stadium
Cape Town on the 18th Feb 2011 at Cape Town Stadium (at last its used!)

Ticket prices:

Start at R161
R401 General Admission Floor
R428 Reserved Seating in Cape Town
R696 Reserved Seating in Jozi

Tickets go on sale THIS Saturday!

To book from Saturday go to or call 083915800

Here are the stadium layouts:



Go to for full details

KFM are giving away 1 set of U2 tickets every day from today till Fri. Spot the u2 song on air, sms 32945 and win!!

Check this time lapse vid of them setting up this AMAZING stage!

Original post below for awesome imagery and info…

That’s right U2 and MyCityByNight fans!

We heard through a little birdy (not twitter this time) that they announcing it on Monday the 18th October at 9am! So that is tomorrow to some of you and today to others.

That is the image posted on Big Concerts Facebook page (HERE). Click it I say 😀

Using modified 360° Tour imagery, it states that an announcement will be made at 9am local time this coming Monday, 18 October, and that the unnamed band will visit in February 2011. If that isn’t enough to tip you off that the band in question is U2, then just check out the “buzz feed” at bottom right. It explicitly describes the 360° Tour’s staging, and how many other bands do you know that were formed at Mount Temple in 1976, released their debut album in 1980, and went on to be inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2005? That’s right, there aren’t any.

Now doesn’t all that imagery just look alike?

The rumored date in February is the 18th. That’s hopefully the the day Cape Town gets U2 again (Unless they don’t announce it or they cancel, which would suck)!

The Irish super group, currently on their 360 Degree Tour, are reportedly set to play stadium shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg – marking the first time the full band have performed in the country since 1998.

The concert spectacle features a 360-degree stage — allowing the audience to sit on all sides — which makes use of a four-legged 50-metre tall structure called “The Claw”. Holding the record as the largest concert stage structure it holds the speaker system and a cylindrical video screen that hovers above the band, or can be lowered to behind the four performers.

Despite the tour being the most expensive ever to run — with 120 trucks needed to transport equipment and staging between shows — it helped U2 top Billboard magazine’s Top 40 Money Makers list with earnings of R872-million in 2009 from touring, record sales, and other royalties.

How mental is that stage! Check the other pics at the bottom.

The band last performed in South Africa on their PopMart tour 12 years ago.

So lets hold thumbs!


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  1. Ticket sales for this are going to be ridonculous… Wow. Very cool though, rather exciting!

    1. they gonna be off the hook! we gonna get ours though… and hopefully a little more 😉

  2. I cant believe this is the first time I am on this site… You guys got all the updates on all the biggest events… NICE! I am looking forward to this one big time… do you know if they are bringing that 360 setup spider thing?

    1. Hi Darren!
      Great to hear that you have found us and that hopefully you will be frequenting and spreading the word!
      What you see here in the post is what they bringing, so YES, they bringing the ‘spider thing’. 😉

  3. Hey Stacky,
    When they say tickets go on sale saturday
    Does that mean 12am sat i can go on computicket to get it?

    1. Hey nic,

      We busy trying to find this out. even computicket not sure.
      as soon as we know, we will post an update in the comments here or on a a post.


  4. Eight of U2’s songs appeared on Rolling Stone’s updated list of the “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, with “One” ranking the highest at number 36 .For That U2 Tickets sold out early .But U2 is still one of my all-time favorite bands and i used to attend their concerts.

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