U2 360° Tour – Highveld Competiton

Enter our U2 360 Tour competition here —> https://www.mycitybynight.co.za/competiton-u2-cpt/

There are very few moments in our lives that burn an impression into our memories for eternity. Moments that have us telling endless stories about the ‘Greats’ to our children, using words like ‘musical giants’ or ‘grand rockers’… THIS will be one of those times!

U2 is coming to play baby… and right here, right now, on our Jozi Shores – hahaha, lame I know – we have the opportunity to rock out with… well you know the rest to that!

All you need to do is keep those beads on the lookout for the U2 360° Mobile Stage get your behind up onto it (pretend Bono has requested you join him there to share the spotlight), and belt out your favourite U2 tune!
This, my kiddos, could get you to the most anticipated event of the year!

From Monday – which was yesterday – apologies, there will be a transportable stage, travelling around the Gauteng area, popping up daily, in different locations until Friday 11 February.
What’s even easier is that these legends are keeping you posted and in touch with the whereabouts of the moving setup… This has got to be one of the easiest competitions yet.

Either listen to 94.7 Highveld Stereo on air, follow the Twitter updates by following the @947highveld or searching for #U2Highveld, or you can check out their FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/947-Highveld-Stereo/123315111047321.

U2 have been playing 360 indoors since the Unforgettable Fire Tour in 1984. Now you have the unique opportunity to say, ‘I WAS THERE’!

What the heck are you still waiting for?

Get onto the links and start choosing the song that will seal your deal to experience the prodigy that is… U2!

Oh and did we mention… Stay close to MCBN for something MASSIVE soon 😉

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  1. Thanks for all the opportunities 94.7, I would love to go and belt out my voice on stage for tickets to one of my favourite bands but unfortunately some of us have got to work.
    Can’t we maybe get another comp going for us who work.
    Thanks you guys Rock

    1. Hi Ralph,

      I’m involved in the campaign and for guys like you who work, there will be an option to tweet / Facebook @947Highveld / http://www.facebook.com/947highveldstereo and request that the stage visits your office park.

      Keep it locked to the updates and let Highveld know where you would like the trailer to visit.


        1. Cheers Raven, but I can’t take credit for the concept. It’s the legends at Highveld marketing 😉

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