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Being the slightly older chap at MCBN, I used a meal ingredient service (as I liked to call it back then), way back in 2002 in the UK. It was called Leaping Salmon and it was way ahead of its time.

Needless to say, I fell in love with the idea and loved making the meals, choosing my menu’s and being the MasterChef in my kitchen, before MasterChef itself.

So, when we heard of a 1 or 2 popping up in Cape Town/South Africa, we thought, lets give it a go here, and U COOK was the one that caught our eye over the rest.

We have been using U COOK for around 3 weeks now and we have to say, its convenient, well priced, DAMN TASTY and make you look like a legend in the kitchen with the simplicity and awesome recipes! Furthermore, all their produce is locally sourced, organic and pasture reared, with only the best suppliers.

The U COOK menu choices are great too and cater to pretty much everyone! You choice of Low-Carb, Vegetarian and Rustic will leave you at a loss for what final decision to make! That’s why you can always mix it up, and personalise your meal selection using the Flexi Package! Plus, the U COOK menu’s change weekly!
What else is great, is that U COOK have thought about all the life stages people are at out there, from the bachelor to the family, so you can choose the amount of meals.

Ok, so does it work:
– You signup (HERE)
– You choose your menu
– You choose your amount of meals per week
– Then you A for AWAY!

You have till lunch time each Thursday to place you order, and the best part is, if you don’t feel like it the following week, you just pause your account.

If you have been following us on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll see that the meals (barring my one disappointing plating) are that easy to make.
They quick, they visually pleasing, they too damn tasting for words and all the ingredients are exceptionally fresh! The longest meal took me 40 mins, with the average done in no more than 20 minutes, start to finish. That’s prepping & cooking!

Now onto some awesome for you.

When U COOK saw we had starting using it, they were awesome enough to give us a promo code that gives you 40% off your first order. So thats 40% off your first week!

All you have to do is signup, and under your profile go to gifts and insert: MCBNfood

Boooom, 40% off just like that!



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