TXT SPK- What the hell are you saying???

With the birth of more and more social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook along with the meteoric rise in the use of texting (smsing if you live in SA and are not trying hard to sound like you’ve lived in the UK for all your life) as a means of communication, people have become a whole lot worse at constructing full sentences or even using entire words when conversing to each other in this form. Abbreviations, or textspeak as its come to be known has become all the more prominent.

I think it all started on cell phones with everyone trying to be cheap and save money on that extra sms by trying to fit as much information as possible in a message that was only allowed to be 160 characters long- some of these people I find to be extremely annoying. The other day I received a message that read like this:

Lst nites pawty (you’re still using the exact same amount of letters as you would when spelling the word PARTY- are you purposefully being irritating?) ws so awsum, OMG, felin lik def, FML same tin nxt wk 🙂
As amusing of a time it was trying to figure out what the hell this person was trying to say, I think its just irritating when textspeak gets taken to this level. Sure I’m guilty of dropping the odd bit of textspeak in an sms but its usually for words like philanthropic (yeah i use this in sms’s sometimes) but when you start shortening already short words like last to lst it just gets a little sad.

So as a bit of an aid to all of you that are slightly confused by all of the textspeak here are some of my favourite and most popular abbreviations- with explanations as to what they mean.
OMG- Oh my gosh (if you dont dig the whole blasphemy thing)
FML- F**k my life
LOL- Laugh out loud
LMIMP- Laugh me in my p**s (ho$h)
ROFL- Rolling on floor laughing
PFFFT-When somone says something really, really stupid and useless, A sound made to wind people up. The Winner of all arguments.
BRB- Be right back
FFS- For f**k’s sakes
and if you dont like this post you can EAD 😉

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