Two Okes & Capital Craft Present – Star Wars: Choose Our Allegiance


Tomorrow is the day that the widely anticipated “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” launches in South Africa and given that people who drink craft beer are generally the same people who’d be excite about, Capital Craft and Two Okes decided to do something really special…

Hennie from Two Okes brewery, is a massive Star Wars fan and decided that he is going to brew a once off Imperial Stout. To make things more interesting on tomorrow’s holiday, Capital Craft will put Two Okes Imperial Stout and Two Okes Blonde ale on tap… the beer that sells the most will determine if Capital Craft is a Jedi or part of the Dark side. So it’s vitally important that you get down to Capital Craft tomorrow, to do your bit for The Force.


Those of you who will be dressing up for 16 December could stand a chance to win a Case of Two Okes beer! All you need to do is on 16 December tag yourself inside Capital Craft and then Two Okes will choose a winner!

Beers on Floating Tap:

Two Okes – Imperial Stout 8% AKA Darth’s Dark Side Ale
Two Okes – Blonde 4.5% AKA Luke’s Alderaan Light Ale

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