Twitter’s obsessed with Seth Rogen’s urbane cover shoot for GQ Magazine’s June/July issue

Seth Rogen Shot by Sebastian Mader for GQ's June/July 2019 issue


Writer, actor and comedian Seth Rogen is the cover star for GQ Magazine’s June/July 2019 issue. Rogen featured in an exclusive photoshoot and lengthy interview titled, ‘Seth Rogen and the Science of Rogenomics,’ in which he discusses his early career, running Hollywood and even divulging an important life lesson he apparently learned from Kanye West.

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But it’s not the written word that’s got the internet hot and bothered, it’s the images – low and behold, Seth Rogen is hot! Take a look at Rogen slaying it, in what seems to be a ‘Fyre Fest’ inspired setting below and read the full interview right here.

Shot by Sebastian Mader for GQ’s June/July 2019

seth rogen sitting in a beach chair at the edge of the ocean smoking

seth rogen laying on beach towels smoking

seth rogen laying on a beach towel with his dog

seth rogen laying on his side on beach towels

seth rogen closeup resting his chin on his arms crossed

seth rogen standing on a sand dune under a beach umbrella

seth rogen lounging on a beach chair

seth rogen standing with hands in pockets

seth rogen lounging on a beach chair with an open book resting on his chest

looking down on seth rogen standing on beach towels

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