Twitter outraged by this tiny 7-square-metre London flat selling for R4 million

London Flat
Image: Douglas & Gordon

A young man’s tweet has left the Twitterverse in disbelief. Richard Brooks recently shared screenshots of a shocking property listing. The property in question is located in London and is what some would consider a bachelor flat (maybe a storage room, I don’t know) and is listed for sale at £200 000, roughly R4.3 million.

According to the listing, the London flat is 7.4 square metres tiny, the sink, stove, shower, and bed all share the same wall, while your toilet is tucked away in a small cupboard-like space. Also, there are no cupboards.

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Your stove is your bedside partner and well, at least there’s a big window. But all that doesn’t really matter because it’s located in Notting Hill – one of London’s most expensive boroughs.

The viral tweet prompted other users to show how much more value and bang-for-your-buck you could get elsewhere, like here in South Africa and other parts of Europe like Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.

Take a look at this crime against humanity below as well as some of the responses from other users and read more on the latest viral content, right here. Image Source: Douglas & Gordon

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