Tunes of the Day | The City Street Lights & Chiller – TheCodec

codec4Today’s tune of the day goes to yet another South African producer who is showing why we’re fast becoming the hottest place for massive International electronic music to visit. The first track we’re featuring in today’s double bill errs on the side of chilled indie electronica and shows thought in composition and purpose. We’re giving it two thumbs up, whatever the hell it’s called – Sterling job by TheCodec (we can’t wait for the music video).The man behind the project had this to say:

What started with a demo disc of Ableton and a hand me down Pentium 2 PC changed the way I approach music. Previously, it was all about live shows, band dynamics and drums. Suddenly it was figuring it all out and creating something that was more personal.

After many a late night and striving to create certain sounds, I’ve reached the stage where the elements of a track really come together. It has been an interesting experience and I’ve loved every minute.

I hate to draw comparisons but the next tune we’re featuring by this shit hot producer sounds very VERY similar to Daft Punk right at the start of their careers. This track is 80’s all of the way and really shows off the versatility of TheCodec. I’ve got to say, after listening to this… he’s just converted us into fans.
Let us know what you think of them? If you dig it you can hear more of his sounds HERE.

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