Tune Of The Day| GoodLuck – Find Me In The Forest

Tune Of The Day| Goodluck - Find Me In The Forest


As you’re well aware, the team at MyCityByNight are all avid followers of GoodLuck, having been pretty tight with them since their debut album, released when seems like a lifetime ago already. The uber-talented peeps at GoodLuck have followed on from their last chart topping single “Thinking About You”, with the release their brand new single “Find Me In The Forest”. Find Me In The Forest is the third single off GoodLuck’s brand new album, which we’re all really looking forward to listening to in earnest this October when it’s released. 

We’ve pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone with this latest song and I guess you could say that Find me in The Forest is one of the edgiest tracks we have ever released as a band. We are super proud of Ben’s cutting-edge production and it seems to have a slightly nostalgic almost South American feel to the song. It was co-mixed by a very talented Dutch artist called Jaz Von D who we have struck up an amazing relationship with over the past few months. Lyrically “Find Me In The Forest”  was inspired by all our travels abroad and getting a sense that you are floating from city to city feeling very disconnected from home. I think we came to realise that ‘home’ will always be wherever we are feeling happy… If it’s in a forest, in a city with family, with friends or near the ocean… Where you’ll find my heart, you’ll find my home. 

– GoodLuck 

I was lucky enough to hear a very early version of the tune in studio with GoodLuck when I was down in Cape Town earlier this year and it’s pretty amazing to hear how far along its come since that day, ending up as a pretty polished future chart topper. Jules is sounding irresistible as usual on the vocals and the rest of the tune is certainly more than supremely constructed by musical maestro Ben. Really, we’ve got nothing but love for the immense talent that is GoodLuck!!

GoodLuck’s music is an irresistible blend of electronic pop with subtle influences of jazz, creating a sound that is uniquely their own, performing to audiences across Europe, Africa and the UK over the past 3 years. Their high-octane performances have earned them a credible place amongst other artists in the live-electronic genre. GoodLuck have shared stages with Groove Armada, Bassment Jaxx, The Petshop Boys, Bakermat, Goldfish and Paul Oakenfold to name a few. GoodLuckhave performed at sold out concerts in Amsterdam, Berlin and London.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Goodlucklive

Facebook: on.fb.me/1RoLNdq

Official website: http://goodlucklive.com/

Instagram: @goodlucklive

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