Tune of the Day| Goodluck – Bounce Me Brother (video)


goodluck bounce me brother

Here at MyCityByNight we’ve been huge supporters of GoodLuck, their music and their unbelievable work ethic since the very early days.  Now, they’ve just released the music video for Bounce Me Brother, made by the one and only The Grrrl. The song itself was co-produced by Mr Sakitumi and now has a video to match what is really a great piece of work by a bunch of Cape Tonians. The music video features Max Fleischer’s old style hand drawn animation within the context of a stage, which captures the old school feel of the track.

The video for Bounce Me Brother took a few days to complete. Mr Sakitumi took some of the clips through ‘Ableton Live’ whilst retiming and chopping it to the beat, and then The Grrrl mixed and effected the clips live to the music in VDMX. The final edit was done in ‘Premiere’.

“Once I had a timing set up for the stage animated in After Effects, I illustrated and cut this out of paper, set up the stage and projected the edit into it. As GoodLuck are currently in Europe, we sent ideas, approvals, etc all via the internet for a truly international feeling until we all smiled.”

Pretty tidy stuff. Check out the video for Goodluck – Bounce Me Brother below:

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