Try being reverse smooth…

Along with spending a night or 2 out on the town at Assembly for Fukkk Off and Fez for… well the usual Fez craziness that happens there- I had the opportunity to go for a little bit of breakfast with a mooiness who has been frequenting the top of the recently dialled list for the last bit.

Usually presenting myself as a fairly smooth guy with a cabinet full of “moves”, I thought I’d be more than capable of getting through a brunch without doing too much damage to chances of future instances of prolonged touching or my ego.

Anyways long story short- while eating I ended up getting a chilly flake in my eye (miraculous i know) after which I proceeded to cry like a baby- in serious pain from the chilly flake, which I ordered hot instead of mild (regretting this decision immensely).

K- granted I didnt get any immediate sympathy (unless you count uncontrollable laughter as a hug and pat on the back), I did get her to laugh and think of me as a guy who can lift her spirits even when half blind (just think what I could do with 20/20 vision).

So I was kinda thinking- maybe sometimes be a little less smooth… Maybe not every girl out there is searching for a “perfect guy” and vice-versa.

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