Trusted Interns & Uber join forces to give FREE rides for job seekers in South Africa

We have been watching the rise of Cape Town start-up, Trusted Interns as they continually find ways to be the driving force in finding students looking to earn an income to support themselves and their families. They have recently partnered up with Uber for their #GiveTheYouthAChance campaign to provide students free rides to and from job interviews as this has become the number one issue for interviewees, Trusted Interns found. It was also found during their research that January and February tend to be the toughest and busiest months for job seekers after they have come out of varsity.

“Can you imagine being smart, educated and hungry to earn an income to support yourself and your family, but you don’t have enough money to take a taxi to an interview?”

The initial amount donated by Uber is R10,000 in free rides getting students and learners to and from interviews while there’ll be a further R10,000 matched from public donations, so if you’d like to change a life and help sponsor a ride (you can contribute as little as R10 or R20), please click here:

It’s incredible how the smallest gesture can literally change someone’s life. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the campaign so far! – Jaryd Raizon, CEO & Founder of Trusted Interns. 

Currently, the initiative will be utilising UberGo & UberX while working in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town, East London for now. Let’s make sure this campaign builds as much momentum as possible to ensure this initiative carries on, every year.

Did you know that up to 77% of unemployed youth are disqualified from entering the workforce because they don’t have enough money to take a taxi to and from job interviews?

You can #GiveTheYouthAChance by giving them access. Donations from the public will be matched by Uber, allowing us to give more people more access.

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