Trusted Interns’ Global Youth Campaign help unemployed youth land work-from-home jobs with global companies

With unemployment in South Africa at an 11-year high, Trusted Interns, an organisation that helps unemployed youth get their first job, launches Global Youth: A 4-step programme aimed at taking South African youth to the world, remotely. 

The Cape Town-based start-up has built a community of over 75 000 graduates and matriculants who are eager to join the workforce and now that remote-working has become the norm, they plan to marry them with jobs beyond our borders. 

From now until Mandela Day, all unemployed youth will gain free access to the 4-step Global Youth programme that will get them remote-work-ready. A new challenge will be announced every week, each of which is designed to equip them with a tool to help them land a work-from-home job. By the end of the 4 challenges, they will be Remote Work Certified by GitLab, the largest all-remote organisation in the world. 

“The fortuitous reality today is that our youth can have the best of both worlds, literally. They can live, earn and spend in South Africa, but work for clients anywhere in the world. This is a great opportunity to use the power of technology to fight spatial inequality and grow our economy through creative employment solutions.

“Our Shift Tomorrow campaigns are designed to grant the youth the access they need to progress their career. Our last campaign was a partnership with Uber to give free rides to help youth to get to their interviews, and now we’re moving the border barrier by opening them up to a global economy.”  

 Jaryd Raizon, Trusted Intern Company’s Founder.

Challenge 1 will see the youth create a professional online profile, Challenge 2 will help them understand their strengths and personality, Challenge 3 will get them communicating like a pro and finally, Challenge 4 will be the 10-module All-Remote GitLab course. In order to incentivize positive and meaningful engagement, Trusted Interns has partnered with a host of organisations aligned with their mission to give away over R2 million worth of prizes throughout the campaign. This includes degrees, diplomas and short courses from Red & Yellow, Veldskoen shoes, Vida e Caffe coffees, Goodleaf CBD products, Varsity Vibe memberships and – for one lucky person – unlimited data for a full year. 

The programme has been well received with over 3000 youth joining the programme so far, and has been praised by many of the participants and winners: “These challenges have been so beneficial and fun at the same time. I’ve learnt so much about myself and I feel far more confident in how I should be pursuing my career in this new world.” says Khumo Rakgota, a hospitality graduate looking for a career shift after she lost her job as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Each week, Trusted Interns will be choosing 14 winners to reward for their participation in the programme.

“We are mindful that the youth are losing hope and are overwhelmed with emotions. We cannot help them on our own and we’re immensely grateful to our incredible partners and sponsors for helping us make this a fun, gamified and engaging experience for the youth.”  

ends Jaryd Raizon. 

If the unemployment crisis in South Africa is to be resolved, it requires collective effort and contribution. You can get involved by visiting the Trusted Interns website,, and following #GlobalYouth on Twitter. 

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