Find out exactly WHY someone is calling you with Truecaller’s new feature


You can now find out exactly why someone is calling you with Truecaller‘s newly launched feature. The Anti-spam app released three new features in South Africa which the company says aims to aid better communication and cut down on unnecessary calls.

Truecaller’s three new features; Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate are the latest offerings by the app. According to Truecaller, Call Reason was the most requested new feature from users in 2020. The tool enables people who are making a call through the app to state a reason for the call first. The purpose of the call will appear in text format on the receiver’s end as their phone rings.

Truecaller says this new feature will allow outgoing callers to set an agenda for their call and help avoid situations where someone might not pick up because they are unsure of the reason for the call. The company believes its Call Reason feature will help increase pickup rates from people with new or unsaved numbers – and increase the efficiency and pickup rates of business calls since customers will know what to expect.

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The Call Reason feature rolled out to all Android users this week and will be added to iPhone functionality at the beginning of 2021.

Truecaller also added a new SMS scheduling and translation feature to the app. The new Schedule SMS option allows users to schedule a specific time and date for an SMS to be sent while the new built-in translation feature can translate SMSes and instant messages without the user having to leave the app. For now, both of these features are only available on Android phones.

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