True Roots presents: The Midnight Diner

One of the very few parties that where we can have a blast whilst contributing to local communities

All words by Lu Makoboka

If you see ‘Retro Diner Disco Illusions’ as the dress code for an event, the chances are high that it’s an invitation for your glitzy wild side to make its presence truly felt for the night. And this is exactly the case at the upcoming True Roots party titled The Midnight Diner. DJs, live bands, colourful characters and a venue that feels like you’ve literally stepped into the mid-70s; this all sounds like the makings of a night that could possibly turn out to be a movie.

Their last event ‘The Flying Carpet’ was hosted at the lavish East City Studios, an airy rooftop that which accommodated popular acts like Earth Sign, DJ Mighty and Paul Waxon was quite a hit among the party scene considering it was their third allure. This time, the live act Bakai will be blessing the crowd with house blended with a touch of psychedelia for that dreamy atmosphere. Included in the lineup of live artists is Astrafunk, a band cherished for their progressive looping abilities and their unique approach to the genres of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul. On the subject of Soul, the motto for True Roots is ‘Events with Soul’ and that’s taken in a figurative sense and a literal one. What makes this party a little more unconventional is that this is done not just for the sake of a good time. What if you could party hard and in doing so, make a contribution towards something bigger than just another hangover?

As an audience, one would literally be partying to give back, and what I mean by this is that True Roots events are geared towards social transformation especially with their partnership with ‘Starting Chance’, aiding in building a childhood development centre in Mfuleni. The fact that people are partying for a purpose transcends the average partying experience into something more meaningful, thus encouraging good vibes in the air of the night. The previous events and The Midnight Diner coming up this Thursday is part of an ongoing project by True Roots to touch the future of our communities, the youth through building an edu-care center. Basically, all that is expected of us is to show up, dance and have our liver aquatinted with different kinds of liquor. The one thing I’d personally be looking forward to is the array of different people I’d meet by virtue of the socially inclusive nature of True Roots events.

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