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Words by Dean Jones

“Through quality music and the right people, the potential to bring about change, is limitless…” – True Roots


DJ Mighty - Francois Swanepoel

Known by many as Mabu Vinyl’s household DJ, Mighty is well respected amongst music aficionados for his passion for the arts of collecting and selecting. For over a decade he’s been spinning strictly vinyl sets all over the continent – from townships and jazz clubs to larger scale festivals such as Bushfire Festival in Swaziland and Rocking the Daisies in Cape Town (amongst many others). As one of the country’s more versatile DJs it’s always exciting to see what Mighty is going to bring to the table in terms of his musical selection as he has been known to lay down anything from funk to house and jazz. With a spiritual yet festive approach, one thing is guaranteed, you will feel the energy!



Waxon - Aidan Tobias

Another of Cape Town’s wax enthusiasts, Paul Waxon’s love for music is deeply rooted in the traditions of vinyl. On one hand, he is an avid collector and skillful selector, whilst on the other he is a respected promoter pushing vinyl culture through events such as ‘Wax On’ and ‘Afrobeat Goes On’. With a particular affection for Afrobeat he doesn’t shy away from playing anything that tickles his musical tastebuds.



Pierre - Red Bull

A man synonymous with the preservation of Cape Town vinyl culture, Pierre-Estienne has been collecting since the mid-80s and DJing since the late 90s. Having experienced the heyday of club culture all over the world, it is no wonder why he has developed into one of the countries most well respected DJs. With a refined taste and great sense of how to move a crowd, his skills led him to a residency at Taipei’s Ministry of Sound in his early days after which (upon returning to Cape Town) he developed his own ‘Vinyl Digz’ and ‘Private Life’ nights that he promotes with like-minded friends. These parties have been a platform for many top tier international DJs (including the likes of Mr. Ties and Tama Sumo & Lakuti) to sonically educate the local crowd, many of whom form part of their regular followership.



Toby - Tammy Fabian

Having grown up in Zimbabwe but now living in Cape Town, Toby2Shoes certainly understands diversity and multi-culture. Known for eclectic DJ sets that blur the boundaries between techno, swing, breakbeat and Afrobeat, he has been a mainstay at many local clubs and festivals, particularly the one that he helped establish a few years ago: Balkanology. This series of parties became the platform for him and other stylistically similar artists to showcase a sound that was fresh to local ears and a concept that was yet unseen by local eyes. Combining themes of Eastern-Europe with the energy of African dance and rhythm these parties set the tone for the perpetuation of his unique techno-infused style many years on.  




Known also as ‘The Deep Dealer’, JCue specializes in all things deep and soulful. Although he is a house DJ at heart, he has no problem taking the audience on a more wide-ranging journey – however, groove remains a fundamental criteria! More than just a DJ, he is part of a collective based in Cape Town that hosts events and radio shows ‘Welcome To The Underground’ and ‘The TRAP’.  In addition, he is one of 5 members of the WTTU collective, which had a successful 2015/2016 both in terms events and radio show. Having played a wide range of events throughout the country, he is certainly a young DJ to keep an eye out for.

Also on the evening’s line-up is Earth Sign and Cape Town heartthrob Daddy Warbucks who takes the reigns as the ‘groove initiator’. With a combination of key-players and up-and-comers, the musical itinerary for the event has clearly been carefully considered to ensure there is no shortage of energy. Join in for the journey!

Event details:

Place: East City Studios – 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town
Time: 3pm – 2am
Lineup: Daddy Warbucks, Earth Sign, Mighty, Paul Waxon, Pierre Estienne, Toby2Shoes, J-Cue


The Golden Guru (Early) – R80
The Alchemist (Standard) – R100
The Cheese Merchant (Door) – R150 (if available)

NB: If these prices are unaffordable to you, please contact us directly, we are open to giving discounted tickets to those willing to volunteer their time to the True Roots Project


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Photo cred: Francois Swanepoel (Mighty), Aidan Tobias (Waxon), Red Bull (Pierre), Tammy Fabian (Toby)

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