True Originals – The Ultimate Bacardi Bartending Resource

My good mate and Bacardi Brand Ambassor for South Africa- Kevin Snyman got hold of me earlier this week to let me know about this unbelievable online resource focussed on bartending and mixology. Having guided me along the path to becoming certified as a Bacardi mixologists, I took what he said very seriously and popped over to the site.

True is an all encompassing online resource that has officially become my new best friend. It really is quite exceptional! The site lists an entire library of drinks to be mixed complete with accompanying videos to make sure that you get it just right. Apart from that, the site acts as a community where members (you and I) are allowed to submit their own special cocktail and drinks mixes complete with videos as well as complete a number of bartending based tasks that increase your global rating as a bar tender. Think of Kevin as like a mystical Jedi Warrior and me as well, maybe like an Ewok or something.

Apart from that there’s a pretty cool Bacardi competition on there that rewards aspiring bartenders with a host of unbelievably prizes, including the opportunity to become a TRUE ORIGINAL BARTENDER.

I suggest that if you have even an inclining for mixing drinks that you check out the site over HERE!! It’s easy to use and feels nice to browse! They even have a digital bouncer who asks for your ID before you can login and get involved- rather cool indeed.

Never again will you mix a crappy Bloody Mary!!! Long live Mixology!!! Long live Bacardi (check out the 1984 ad below!)

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  1. If you like Mixology then wait for it …. SA’s 1st Mixology/Cocktail magazine launching REAL soon all about pink drinks & their colourful relatives and any other interesting topics that can be discussed over the clinking sound of the afore mentioned. MUDL Magazine™
    “GQ” for the bar industry 😉

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