Tropical Roast Premiere Party

Tropical Roast is a 10-15 minute wakeboarding short inspired by the Whitelaw brothers. It is a non-profit video edit directed by: Marc Whitelaw. Starring: Dylan Mitchel, Nick Burton-Moore, Devon Nassif and Ryan Whitelaw.

Misverstand dam plays host to the Break Your Crayons crew who have set out to capture the talent of South Africa’s finest riders and display it the way it should be.

This year we raise the bar and take everything to the next level. And Next level it surely is!! So get ready because:

Tropical Roast is Premiering on the 15th September 2011 at The Waiting Room! Come Join the Crew from 7 o’clock on Thursday evening for a night of crazy music and insane footage!!

Nothing like this has ever been seen in South Africa before! A night sponsored by Sports Unlimited

DJ Line Up:

Ringo Savvy
Bruce Willis

So be sure not to miss out!

Tropical Roast Teaser 2011 sponsored by: SPORT UNLIMITED & Monster Energy

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