Tristan Roberts

We’ve been following the movements of young Cape Town body boarder, Tristan Roberts, who has been making waves on the international circuit. He’s released his latest video and you get to see him tearing apart some gnarly waves.

This is what he had to say about the video:

“The year of 2015 has probably been one of the busier years of my life. I’ve been trying to chase waves , but also finish my last year of school. However this year is coming to an end and I am very excited for what now lays ahead. I will be competing in the Nazare Pro in Portugal in which I will be representing Pride Bodyboards , along with my other sponsors. This will be a “trial run” before I compete in the whole world tour for 2016. “Just Add Water” is a project that Carden Roberts has been working on for me , where I wanted to display some of my favorite waves in South Africa . Thanks to all that was involved in the making of this clip , even those who accompanied me in the water. When we were shooting this clip , it was probably some of the best times I’ve had this year , the times of not having the stress on my shoulders anymore and just surfing hard and enjoying it. Whenever having stress , all you need to do is just add some water and get away from what’s causing your stress and ride waves . I promise you this is the most relaxing thing in the world.
I really enjoyed every moment of filming this and I hope you all enjoy watching it.
Thanks to all my sponsors for making this happen , I could never thank you enough. I also thank those who support me and my doings , it’s the driving force behind my achievements.”

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