TripAdvisor votes Cape Town as the most popular place to visit in the WORLD

TripAdvisor, the global user-generated content site, has voted Cape Town as the most popular place to visit in the world, thrashing competition from places like Sydney, New York and Barcelona. Finally, everyone else has cottoned on to what MyCityByNight has been saying all along!

TripAdvisor asked its users to choose their favorite and most visited destinations to determine the Travellers Choice Destination award winners for 2011 and guess what- the most awesome city in the world came up in the number 1 spot.

Cape Town at the toe of the African continent topped the chart with Sydney and Machu Picchu in Peru coming in second and third. The destinations beat Paris and Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, in fourth and fifth spots respectively. Filling the remainder of the top 10 global destinations list were the cities of New York, Rome, London, Barcelona and Hong Kong.

Emma O’Boyle, TripAdvisor spokeswoman, said that Cape Town is a tough destination to beat. With beautiful scenery, great wine and gorgeous weather, its easy to see why Cape Town, which also played host to last year’s World Cup, has topped this year’s list.

The result of a win in this poll is a major boost for the city in terms of tourism and mooiness arriving to peruse our beautiful shores.

“These awards honour the world’s best destinations as decided by those judges that really matter – travellers themselves,” ended Emma O’Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson.


1. Cape Town, South Africa

2. Sydney, Australia

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

4. Paris, France

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. New York City, USA

7. Rome, Italy

8. London, UK

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. Hong Kong

Yes man… Now we can brag about how Cape Town rocks tits and back it up with some handy statistics… So hows about it? Fancy a move to the Mother City???

This is… MyCityByNight

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  1. Funny that the wine is such a selling point.

    “…With beautiful scenery, great wine and gorgeous weather.” Is a bit like saying Amsterdam “is a tough destination to beat. With beautiful scenery, great ganja and gorgeous weather”

    Nice one to CT though, definitely deserves that spot.

    1. Hehehe, good comparison with Amsterdam 😉 Although we also got some great ganja here! The Cape Of Good Dope! Did I just say that?

      But I seriously think Cape Town deserves this spot. We are in, by far the most mooiness place in the world and that has just been justified!! 🙂

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