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Yes, you will see this inside Trinity

A couple of months back a rather big fuss was made about the arrival of a brand new superclub in South Africa called Trinity… Naturally, after the likes of the failed Dockside we were somewhat sceptical about believing all of the hype. A couple of press-only sneak peaks and an official launch party later a new era in South African clubbing was under way. Unfortunately, this era was abundant with teething pains leading us to the reason why we have not reviewed the club until now.

MyCityByNight recognised the fact that our words carry weight… Not wanting to dash what was conceptually the best thing we have seen in South African nightlife in years before it even had a chance to sort out the little things like guestlists and aircon, we held back and gave the new superclub a chance to prove itself. Now, a couple of months down the line- it’s a whole different story- Trinity has had time to sort all the little things out- ready to be MyCityBy’Knighted (its a new phrase we’re trying out).

Set in an old warehouse, Trinity gives off what really can only be described as an old school UK (think Cream) or Ibiza feel with facebrick and wooden pillars adorning the walls. Trinity is a multipurpose venue that hosts jazz, comedy, commercial and the best underground dj’s on the planet. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, this particular superclub also offers 3 World Class restaurants that run parallel to the clubs entertainment nights.

Split over 3 floors, the venue offers plenty in terms of space and attractions.

Level 1:

The reception area to club has been housed off to form a whole separate section for the benefit of speedy access. Only once have we had any problems with entry to the club (a mix up in guestlist), often being greeted by the most trained and friendly bouncers on the planet (other clubs please take note on how to do this professionally- we’re sick of roided up bouncers who just beat people up willy nilly).
The ground level also features the likes of the Trinity Café, inclusive of a fully operational pipe organ as its central attraction. The Café offers light breakfasts from 8am, as well as pizzas and burgers for lunch and dinner which can be ordered as late as 4am (this is possibly the most emotional thing about Trinity- simply nothing compares to a gourmet pizza at 4am after some heavy clubbing). This level also features a welcome bar for pre-drinks- should you deem the walk up the stairs before grabbing your first drink as being one step too far 🙂

Level 2:

The second level houses the second restaurant called Trinity Grill, which seats up to 70 diners and offers a menu featuring sumptuous soups, salads, seafood and steaks, all prepared from only the finest ingredients ( I had the 400g  rump steak the other night at dinner and I almost died because it was so good). The general feel on the floor is steel-fronted marble counter tops and Oregon pine floors. This is also the floor on which the Trinity cocktail and shooter bar is also located (meaning quick and easy access if you want a round of shots). In addition the 2nd floor also offers a wide range of cocktails at the bar and shooter glasses made of ice! (something that I have yet to see, apparently this mystical machine is a little bit more difficult to use than it said on the instruction manual).
The main attraction of this floor and the entire club is Trinity’s “Funktion” room. Named after its impressive ‘Funktion One’ sound system (no sore ears, perfect sound wherever you are on the floor), the main room is definately right up there with lighting, sound and decor (it has a fountain people- can anyone say Playboy Party?!).
The motorised projection screen, 7-metre stage and authentic Indian temple doors have added to several good nights that the crew has had there including James Zabiela and a couple of the weekly nights that feature some of our fave local artists like Goodluck, Pascal & Pearce, Crazy White Boy, Dean Fuel, Protoculture & the lady pleaser and master of the minge Neil Tall.

A mezzanine level overlooking the main dance floor allows for a break from the action should you need it as well as another opportunity to get a drink from the massive bar.

Level 3:

The third restaurant- Trinity East is located on the third level and presents an Asian menu comprising generous sushi combo platters and special dishes crafted by the expert sushi chef (I had the sushi here and thought it was ok while Raven thought it was the best that she’s ever had, funny that, different strokes I guess). Seating around 20, this area is way more intimate and has direct access to both the Roof garden and the members only Salon Privé. Diners are able to enjoy a view onto the “Funktion” room and the Grill Cube via large, airport lounge-style viewing windows whilst enjoying their meal.
Salon Prive
The Salon Privé offers an exclusive experience to all members. Glass entrance doors open onto the carpeted members’ area where the décor is exquisitely finished (ottomans, carpet, some rich mooiness to chat to). The exclusive members area also offers a doorway onto the mezzanine level overlooking the Funktion dance floor and allows all members access to an exclusive section of the main club area.

The final area of the club is the Rooftop Garden

Located on the top floor of the building, above all three restaurants, Trinity host a rather superb rooftop garden. The area has fairy lights, vertically planted vegetation and a full length mirror for all you porn star wannabes that love looking at yourselves. The roof features cantilevered (how posh am I now) umbrellas for summer and a fireplace for those chilly winter days.
After reserving my judgement I am quite impressed by Trinity. It has that underground superclub feel and there is definately no venue around that combines a state-of-the-art entertainment and dining experience as well as Trinity does. Come on though chaps- I am still waiting for the cocktail machine that makes ice-shot glasses to work properly… You’ve got the aircon (although the Funktion room still gets far too hot) and guestlist sorted out- now dont skimp on the small things- remember its all in the detail.
Open from 12pm until 4am it is the most progressive form of entertainment and nightlife that you are going to see in South Africa. I could see Trinity becoming my new home over the next couple of months- plenty of dishes to try and plenty of top quality International acts on the cards… All we can do is but wait to party way into the night and then finish it off with a top quality pizza.

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  1. Nicely written boys! But save one correction. The club celebrated its first month on the 15 January 2011. So been open only just over a month.

    Let me know when MCBN rolling through next.. Peace

  2. Which are the best nights of the week to join?

    Is the funktion room open every night?

    what is the cover charge?

    cheers! great site

    1. Hey Jack…

      I would personally say Wednesday and Saturday for a good party and then Tuesday for some GREAT comedy. Funktion room is open on Tuesday till Saturday and cover charge most nights is R50 so its nothing major but once you inside it’s a whole nother story. Go check it out and let us know what you think?

      PS: Thanks mate!

  3. Just wondering – What are the prices on the drinks like?? with new places they seem to over price… is it the same here?


    1. Suprisingly the drinks are priced quite decently… They’ve probably got the cheapest tequila shots out of all of the premiere clubs at R15. Swanky club with normal prices 🙂

  4. Hey Hols.

    Drinks prices are good. On most brands it is 20% cheaper than any other night club in the CBD. for example R15 Tequila! All the time 🙂

    But best you check it out! Only one of the small things that make this club THE only spot to be in Cape Town.


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