Tribe Coffee Roasting launches new concept café


Constantly on the lookout for new spots within the major cities of South Africa that are worth a visit, we at MyCityByNight came across this little gem from local trailblazers Jake Easton, Kate Nero and Bradley Juter of Tribe Coffee Roasting. Their latest offering is a stylish concept café located within the new Donford BMW Motorrad, which has just opened to the public at 112 Buitengracht St in Cape Town. The showroom sports a spectacular, precedent-setting space for BMW Motorrad that is enhanced by Tribe’s new designer outlet.

For Tribe, the venture presents an excellent opportunity to expand upon its existing café and roastery in the Woodstock Foundry, move into the City Bowl and go beyond.

“We had been looking to open an iconic space in town for a while, when we met Leon Potgieter of Donford BMW. For us, this is a perfect relationship between one the world’s leading motorcycle brands and our rising lifestyle brand.”

– explains Kate Nero


Leon Potgieter is enthusiastic about Tribe as the preferred partner for this venture because –

“we always look for people with a can-do attitude. Plus, the people at Tribe are creative, and a creative partnership will always take things that one step further. It was also very important to us that whomever shares our space, shares our philosophy of excellent customer service. And on top of that, they make great coffee.”

In the new space, Nero and Easton collaborated creatively with interior designer Michelle Trimborn of Design Quarters to conceptualize the café. Together they have created an organic industrial aesthetic that retrofits elements of 1950s and 1960s styling. The end result elegantly recalls the biker subculture of that era. This is not a mid-century modern paeon, however, but rather a sophisticated contemporary take on the past.

Tribe’s consistently excellent coffee will be on offer to supercharge visitors, with the addition of a café-style menu crafted by industry darling chef Maureen Muller – a fresh voice on Cape Town’s haute cuisine scene.


The café interior is finished in deep leathers, smoky colours and dark and raw wood to give it a sexy, masculine effect. The use of natural materials, particularly, glass, metal and wood, and the incorporation of hanging plants by Opus Studio, softens the mechanical emphasis that would otherwise predominate on the showroom floor. Let’s face it, they’ve really thought the place out.

Within the café, motorcycle culture is honoured in the form of delicate pendant light fittings that have been ingeniously fashioned from motorcycle engine parts and a glass-topped coffee table supported by two iconic 1200cc Boxer engines. The visual appeal of the café will change constantly through a small but edited display of collectible, vintage motorcycles.


The motorcycles are a nod to the nature of the showroom and reflect the spirit of adventure, which is further given pride of place through a dedicated back section featuring a collection of world maps, route charts and National Geographic magazines that visitors can use to both imagine and plot their trips.

All in all, the new destination promises to ignite the engines of all lovers of adventure – whether they be coffee professionals, ardent bikers, or merely admirers. According to Easton, “we have created a space to transport you into adventure… an adventure you can taste, see and ride…”


For more information visit: or e-mail:

Address: Tribe Coffee Roasting, 112 Buitengracht St, Cape Town.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 07h00 for coffee, and from 08h00 for breakfast, closes at 17h00. On Saturdays from 09h00 onwards until 13h00. During the week, breakfast is served from 08h00 to 11h00, and lunch is served from 12h00 to 15h00. Sandwiches, cake and a daily pastry are available through the day.

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