Travel details for U2 concert at Cape Town Stadium 18 February 2011

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Yesterday Big Concerts released the travel details for the U2 Concert taking place at Cape Town Stadium on February 18 2011. The exact road closures for the event have not been specified but it makes a great deal of sense that they are going to be similar to those of the 2010 Fifa World Cup… Here is the information that is currently available from Big Concerts:

What you need to know about traveling to Cape Town Stadium for the U2 concert on Friday 18th February 2011:

1.       The traffic management plan will replicate the successful plan used during last year’s Soccer World Cup.

2.       Public Transport is the backbone of this plan, and all fans are urged to use the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride facilities arranged by the organisers and the City of Cape Town.  <span>Traveling by car into the city for this show is not recommended</span>.

3.       Public Transport on the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride services will be FREE for fans with a U2 Concert ticket.

4.       The fan walk will be open, and we’re expecting capacity crowds to access the stadium via this route.

5.       Concertgoers are encouraged to arrive at the stadium as early as possible in order to limit the pressure on the transport system, bearing in mind that the date of the show is a normal work day (Friday).

6.       Pressure is expected after the show, and fans attending the concert are requested to be patient as the stadium precinct clears.

7.       Detailed timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event.

Jozi details to follow as soon as they have been confirmed (ha, and you say us Cape Tonians are slow).

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  1. We will definitely find out and let you know. But there should be some cracking events in Town if they were clever. Its going to be PACKED!

  2. Hi, have you got anymore details on the Park and Ride info for U2 concert? I can’t find anything more then what you have supplied.


  3. 7. Detailed timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event

    Nothing has been published yet – the concert is tomorrow night!

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