Trash Cabaret presents The Carnival of Dreams

Trash Cabaret presents The Carnival of Dreams - a circus with a difference

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Trash Cabaret is a multi – cultural circus cabaret extravaganza that features artists and performers from around the world. Trash Cabaret is a circus like no other that you’ve seen before due it’s nature as an underground gypsy contingent comprised of various performance groups – burlesque dancers, acrobats, jugglers, aerial artists, roaming characters, dancers of body and fire, and a full brass band to accompany the show. Taking the night out into a glorious party of carnival chaos! Guest bands include The Nomadic Orchestra and performances by members of Ann Jangle and Crimson House.

So run away to the circus on the 14th of May; dress as your favorite character for Trash Cabaret.  Well you could just bring a mask, if not, anything you desire. Come dressed as a clown or bicycle tyre. Join us and follow the marching band – and be part of a whimsical night with performances by various groups and artists including Psychedelic Theatre, Sky Dance Studio, Leo Letsape aka Mr.Letsparty, ActionArte, Cami Scoundrel and Black Orchid Burlesque.

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More info on some of these participants:

The Ringmaster of the evening is Riaan Smit from Crimson House. The Namibian born musician was roped into the circus by the founder of Trash Cabaret Elise Deguire when she needed music for her act. He took the position of band leader, which organically evolved into the position of Ring Master. Using the same mental energy techniques from Crimson House he managed to orchestrate the circus show. Though his talents lie in music, he is also a flamboyant front man who’s energy infects the band and audience in his manic performances.

Black Orchid Burlesque specializes in a variety of genres ranging from Traditional Classic Burlesque to what is now commonly known as Neo-Burlesque or Caburlesque. By fusing sensual self-expression, dance, the art of tease and decadent costumes with gimmicks, props or bawdy humour; our professional Burlesque Artistes promise to keep you tastefully titillated at the edge of your seat from start to finish of every show.

One of the Black Orchid Burlesque performers to look out for is Diva Disastar (Starr)

Aside from creating and executing all her own Performances, Events and Burlesque Productions for ‘Black Orchid Burlesque’, ‘Trash Cabaret’ and ‘Vava Voom Entertainment’;  Diva Disastar is also the proud headmistress of ‘The Black Orchid Burlesque Academy’, where she aims to  teach more women out there that it’s okay to enjoy their sensuality and celebrate their femininity.  She says:

I didn’t run away to join the circus, the circus sucked me in and I have yet to be released from its mesmerising grip. Trash Cabaret is a unique experience unlike anything else I have participated in; we bring all sorts of people and performance art together and create magic. For me Trash Cabaret warms the soul, it’s not the show it’s the people!”

Cami Scoundrel is an adventurer, and an activist using multiple instruments and a surf board as her weapons of choice she travels the world in search of gigs, waves and revolutionary action. Scoundrel moves between double bass, bass, and guitar with a little bit of piano, melodica and banjo on the side. Sometimes she uses a loop and multiple instruments to create a dissident folk/punk/blues style. Scoundrel did not choose the circus life, the circus life chose her. “It happened on Braai day 2013. I was busking with my house mate Sloppy when this guy ran up to us saying “Wait! I get my accordion”. He reappeared a few minutes later. He was Sam, from Quebec, the current school director of Zip Zap circus. We started a gypsy punk band, the three of us. Five Finger Discount. Our first gig was a short performance at the first Trash Cabaret, the brain child of Elise Deguire, a clown from Montreal, also teaching at Zip Zap.”

Leo Letsape aka Mr.Letsparty is the leader of a Samba Bloco that was found in 2010 through and NPO called The Harlequin Foundation. The group is known as the Emzantsi Bloco and consists of 30 members aged between 16 and 28. The group has a core of 10 people that does events, promos and parades within the Southern Peninsula. When asked, why he likes to run away with the circus? Leo answered: “Trash Cabaret is a crazy and creative inter -cultural group of people. You feel open to bring out the best in you… Even if its trash.”

St Fox co-runs ‘Black Orchid Burlesque as well as an entertainment company known as Vava Voom Entertainment.  When she is not running the show, she participates as a Drag King (St.Fox) or a Burlesque Dancer (Velveteen Noir) and she also loves her most favorite thing to do: ANGLE GRINDING. St Fox says:

I fell in love with the macabre and truly fascinating. Trash Cabaret is like being a part of something where unicorns and flying carpets and oompaloompahs really do exist in each and every single one of us and we can let ourselves shine without fear of judgement.”

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The ActionArte Foundation S.A. is a nonprofit organization anchored in Hanover Park, Cape Flats. It’s objective is to explore circus as a launch pad for physical and playful activities that can provide a safe place for kids outside of the realities of daily life. Since January 2014, Hanne la Cour and Marlin Ross along with six other young ‘performers’ from Cape Town’s suburbs, created: The Core Group. They meet every day to train and develop common ideas and ambitions that, besides physical training, include a larger and deeper philosophy about a person not having anything – but still left with his body. They have workshops twice a week with kids and youngsters in Hanover Park.

“Our goal is to be recognized by educational, art, culture and social development bodies; to create strong, positive, self thinking, creative citizens that can and will make the better future of South Africa and the world.”

Sky Dance Studio started in 2013 to teach aerial dance. But what is teaching if not to perform? Sky Dance Studio now offers both aerial dance classes 4 times a week and has a performance troupe; producing corporate entertainment and collaborating on exciting productions. Michelle Hutchinson will perform riveting performances on a number of different apparatus during the Trash Cabaret event. Hutchinson brought Flight Club to Afrikaburn in 2013 and again in 2014. Her gift to Afrikaburn was to teach people how to fly. By collaborating with Trash Cabaret, this became so much more! Why she run away to join the circus?

Hells Bells! What better way to keep hold of your sanity than to run away to the circus, even if it`s just for one magical weekend…”

Doors open 4pm
Activities start 6pm
8pm main show starts.

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