TRANSylvania Redemption Island Returns To Moreson Plaas

gonzi announcement

TRANSylvania Redemption Island returns this year, darker and harder and harder and darker than before. Taking us back to the exquisite Moreson farm where festival goers will return for a kaleidoscopic renaissance on the Island of Redemption, a place for a metaphorical afterlife of sorts – finding yourself reborn with the vibrations of the dance-floor beneath your feet. Brace yourself for the filthiest stomp yard this year with a finely curated line up that is designed to take you far down that rabbit hole. We’re talking the likes of – Dirty Motion, Archain, Mad Science and a favorite on the MyCityByNight watch list, twisted and DARK-PSY producer, Fright Rate. More favorites on our watch list include Technicolor, Frozen Ghost, Chemo Boy & Distorted Culture and of course SA PSY-Trance legend, Broken Toy. Did we forget to mention GONZI? Big-ups to Transylvania for this insane headliner! Gonzi’s unique beats will definitely have you all losing it during his earth-shattering set. Stompers can definitely expect the fest to kick start with a heavy harder BPM to set the tone for Saturday night: Harder and more transcendental than before and on Sunday? We get GROOVY!

Nova 2

Staying true to being an intimate gathering of passionate and synergetic stompers, only 2000 tickets will be available for their winter island edition. An omnipotent fortress will be set up on the island and will have you ready to brace the dark of winter on this island with cars surrounding a waterproof maze of camp sites that will act as a force field against the elements whilst at the core of it all, the soul of this dark machine, is the dance-floor of course


But guys, there’s something else is brewing on the Island, something new and exciting is coming, calling the Island to move forward and adapt in these turbulent times of change. Yours is not the only renaissance said to take place at this year’s Redemption Island, a change is storming up in the air, a curious and unique leaf will be turned at the island and whilst we can’t say too much just yet, we urge to keep your eyes peeled for sneak peaks and clues to come. Whilst Redemption Island has you covered against all the elements of change, it can’t say the same for the elements within you, so COME AS YOU AREN’T, join us as we transcend and transform, as we redeem ourselves.

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