Train driver kicks guy in the head as he tries to take a selfie on a train track

selfie guy kicked in head by train driver

I’m guilty of taking the odd selfie, but there are some people around the world who really take the self-indulgent craze a little bit too far, always finding new and exciting place to take photos of their mugs. Case in point with the guy in the video, who for some bizarre reason felt the need to stand next to a train line in the attempt to get the perfect “a train is rushing by but I’m just chilling here” selfie.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of sense to work out that this is a very VERY dangerous thing to do and to remind him of this fact, the train driver decided to give him a boot to the head as he drove passed. What a legend.

Seriously though people… don’t endanger yourself just to take another Instagram photo like the tosser in this clip – we like having you guys and girls as readers.

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