Watch | Haunting trailer for new horror ‘The Unfamiliar’ by South African director Henk Pretorius

The Unfamiliar

A British army doctor, trying to cope with what she thinks is PTSD, becomes overshadowed by a malevolent entity in the new horror film from South African-born writer/director Henk Pretorius, titled The Unfamiliar.

The film stars Jemima West as an army doctor (and Christopher Dane as her husband) who comes back from a war, thinking that she has PTSD only to discover that there is a more malicious force at work, “making the life that she knew unfamiliar”.

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“Director Henk Pretorius has managed to use horror tropes as a fresh and captivating way to guide, or rather, misguide the audience along with a twisted and suspenseful plot — a layered film worth watching twice,” said Producer Llewelynn Greeff.

Watch the trailer for The Unfamiliar – which will be released in South Africa on October 28th 2020 – and read more the latest entertainment news, right here.

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