Watch the trailer for Michael Bay’s COVID-19 pandemic thriller ‘Songbird’


The very first trailer for producer Michael Bay’s (Armageddon, Bad Boys, Transformers) much anticipated pandemic thriller, Songbird has been released.

The film stars Demi Moore, Craig Robinson and Paul Walter Hauser and follows a young man must overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful, well-connected family, to reunite with his love during the 213th week (2024) of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the trailer below, it’s the year 2024 and the worldwide death toll has risen to more than 110million, “COVID-23 has mutated,” a news presenter announces before it’s revealed that the new strain of the virus “attacks the brain tissue”.

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Speaking of directing the film while adhering to COVID safety measures, director, Adam Mason explained: “I normally do the lighting and the camera work myself [on previous projects]. So, I’m used to being very close to the actors and filming in this very intimate way that was perfectly suited to filming during the rules and regulations of the lockdown.

A release date for Songbird has not yet been confirmed. Watch the trailer below and read more on the lates entertainmnet news, right here.

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